Hungary H-1148 Budapest Fogarasi út 7, Budapest

NCT’s core business is to develop and manufacture CNC controls and drive technology. However, it cannot be done efficiently without constant and close connection with machine manufacturers as well as the end users of the machines. NCT Ltd. works together with several significant Asian and European machine-tool manufacturers. The cooperation started by buying the mechanics of their machines, but nowadays we also take part in the development of their machines. The technical and market information received from our partners helps us to promote our products in the enormous Asian market, as well as in the European and the US market where we could increase our market share. We have been making great progress in building our own machines. At our new manufacturing facilities in the village Taksony, we improved our machine building capacity with a bed grinding machine one of the biggest and the most accurate ones in Central Europe and a 5 axis machining centre. In a modern factory of 5400 sq.m. in Taksony, our excellent team of professionals is building a new Hungarian machine tool plant. All the CNC machines offered by NCT Ltd. are equipped with electronics developed and built by our company. The electronic integration, optional accessories installation, start-up, testing, measurement and of course the warranty and non-warranty services are provided by NCT Ltd. for our Customers. Together with development and manufacturing of machine tools, we develop and manufacture our CNC controls and drives being the part of them. So we can sense the demands of the end users and of our machine manufacturing activity, and any other requirements arising during testing machine tools. We produce our current products and provide our services considering environmental awareness, high speed and ultra-high precision.