IBS Scherer

Bulgaria 9, Al. Stamboliyski Blvd., 4004, Plovdiv

Company Manager – Axel Scherer

Contact – Georgi Mihaylov – Sales and Customer Care

+359 899 977 588 Georgi.Mihaylov@ibs-scherer.de

IBS Scherer is manufacturer of industrial equipment and liquids for environmentally friendly surface degreasing and parts cleaning

  • The IBS product range includes:
  • Part cleaning devices
  • Special solvent liquids
  • Technical sprays

Efficient system solution for

  • industrial parts cleaning and degreasing of surfaces
  • maintenance and repair of production facilities, conveyors, fittings, pumps, motors and other machine parts
  • repair and maintenance of various means of transportation, e.g. trucks, motor vehicles, rail vehicles, fork lifts and conveyor vehicles, agricultural and construction machines, mining technique


+359 32 943 604
+359 32 943 604